Hi, I’ve been consuming news, articles and videos around my interests for years now. I subscribe to over 1100 sources in my Feedly RSS Reader (feedly 13 Jan 2015.opml) and spend the best hours of my day pouring over the latest updates.

I now plan to publish a post everyday with a list of the best stuff that I’ve read/watched that day. It will be a list of links divided into categories (same as the categories in my Feedly, namely, Tech, Science, Health, World, Design etc.).

All the links will be added to my Diigo Collection with the same name as the category, so you may directly subscribe to it using the links below:

  1. Tech
  2. Science
  3. News
  4. Business
  5. Health
  6. Design
  7. Programming
  8. Comics
  9. Misc

P.S.: I plan to add the links to Diigo collections (above) as and when i encounter those, and at the end of day, simply copy all Diigo Bookmarks of the day to a new blog post…